Don't hide. Communication with the creditor is key

Are you having trouble meeting repayment deadlines? Or perhaps you're already not meeting your obligations? The first step is immediate communication with your creditor. They will certainly try to find a solution. And undoubtedly, they are bombarding you with phone calls, emails, and letters. A ruined client is of no value to them. Once you bury your head in the sand, they may take drastic measures against you. Later on, you may personally feel the painful consequences of words like execution, bankruptcy, insolvency, and liquidation.

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499 CZK/year

Get a detailed overview of all your commitments in the CIBR and NBCIR registers, creditworthiness assessment, and receive alerts of changes. 

Joint report CIBR+NBCIR

200 CZK/report

Increase your chance of getting a mortgage or loan by checking your information in the registers and finding out your rating. 

Report from NBCIR

200 CZK/report

Check your information about financial obligations and the progress of their repayment with companies in the Non-Banking Register.

REPI report

200 CZK/report

Find out how energy companies, companies offering installment purchases, or online shops evaluate your creditworthiness.

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