From which sources does the MyCredit draw information?

MyCredit is sourced from multiple channels. In addition to data from the credit registers CIBR/NBCIR, it draws information from the REPI registry. It also includes data from the Central Distrain Register. The header contains personal information of the applicant. Furthermore, it indicates whether the applicant has a record in the insolvency register, verifies the validity of the applicant's ID, and whether the person is or isn't a statutory representative or self-employed.

From the CIBR/NBCIR registers, it only contains summarized information. For detailed repayment information, it is necessary to request a joint statement from the registers. It provides the total monthly installment, the number of open contracts in the registers, the outstanding amount overdue, and information on the maximum owed amount. It also includes the user's credit rating.

From the REPI register, it includes details about the number of contracts, overdue amounts, or the number of terminated contracts with outstanding debt. If a person is not listed in the REPI register, this information is stated on the statement, indicating that the applicant has no loans with companies that are members of REPI. Following this are brief summaries from the Central Execution Register – total number of executions, obligated person, update date, and execution number

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