A package of services that helps you keep your financial obligations under control. All data are presented in an easy to understand application that replaces your memory. You will get a comprehensive overview and evaluation of your credit situation with a look into the past.

The package contains a joint statement from the registers 4 times a year, a monitoring service of data in the CIBR / CINBR registers, an evaluation of your credit situation and a comparison with your age group and the region. All data are available after logging in to the online portal.

The price of the package is 499 CZK / year*

the minimum lenght of the subscription is 1 year

Ways you can get #Kolikmam365

1) Through the e‑shop you choose to buy the package of services # Kolikmam365, you can buy HERE.

2) Select the identification via Bank Identity (BankID)

3) Make the payment online with a payment card.

4) After payment, you get access to the client zone of the portal # Kolikmam365.

1) You can get #Kolikmam365 package by visiting the Client Center in person. You can reserve the date and time in the e-shop

2) Fill in the application electronically at the kiosk during a personal visit.

3) Don't forget to bring a valid ID, preferably an ID card.

4) After verifying your identity and all of your details, Client Center operators will activate the #Kolikmam365 services for you.


Services provided in the #Kolikmam365 package

Joint statement 4 times a year from the CIBR and NBCIR registers

The statement from the registers informs you about all loans and liabilities provided to you by banks and building societies, as well as by instalment, credit, leasing and other financial institutions. Reputable credit providers are participants or users of the CIBR and NBCIR

Data monitoring service in the CIBR and NBCIR registers

Changes to your data in the CIBR and NBCIR registers are constantly monitored. You will be notified when a new loan application is created. The service is especially suitable for the prevention of credit fraud if your personal documents are stolen. At the same time, it monitors late maturities and negative events reported by financial institutions.

Current overview

Each time you log in to the application, a query is made to the CIBR and NBCIR, on the basis of which you gain insight to basic information about your credit obligations. It offers the possibility of monitoring the percentage of development compared to the previous month, which is clearly presented in a graph.

My evaluation

In the evaluation, you will be provided with an overview of your behaviour during the repayment of liabilities, and therefore, your confirmed ability to repay loans shown in a graph and the historical development of your loan repayment, which includes a comparison with the average in your age group and region.


The NetAgent service monitors your personal data on the Internet and whether it is being compromised or stolen. It tracks the movement of personal and financial data to prevent their misuse. The subject in question can then immediately react and take the necessary precautions to secure his or her data.

What can you buy that goes together with the package?


The report from the Central Evidence of Executions contains indicative information on specific debt recovery proceedings. In the statement, you will find out whether debt recovery was ordered for a specific subject (person), when it was ordered, which bailiff was entrusted with its execution and what amount is being recovered.

#Kolikmam365 – Questions and answers

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to #Kolikmam365. More detailed information can be found in our FAQ section. If you need further help, contact a chat assistant.

How can you register?

Anyone interested in conveniently accessing their statement from the registers can utilize kolikmam.cz, but they must be a registered user. Registration is a mandatory condition, as statements contain sensitive personal data and it is necessary to verify the identity of the applicant. You can register with kolikmam.cz in the following ways.



The easiest way to register in the portal. You will gain access to the world of electronic services through your internet banking login details. You can access the services easily, securely, from anywhere and for free.

We currently have clients available for identification from AirBank, Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Komerční banka and Moneta.

On-line identification is only possible for clients who have established a bank identity at the bank branch. It means, they establish account at the bank in person or later came at the bank branch and activated the BankID service. Unless you are sure, we recommend to check in your internet banking or at the bank branch.

 To register with a bank identity, click HERE.

Registration in the portal can be realized through the Banking Identity only when you buy some of the offered services.



a. fill in the form

First, it is necessary to fill in the online registration form. If you have a foreign nationality, you need to send an application that has an officially verified signature. You will attach the scanned application with an officially verified signature to the online form.

• the form in the online version can be found HERE. When choosing the delivery method, you choose to send it by post and we will send you the contracts to be signed.

 • You can also complete the registration form in person at the Client Center. You can register to the portal on hold.

 b. we will send you the contract for signing

Because this is sensitive personal information, we need to verify your identity. Based on the completed form, we will send you the contract the same way you sent them to us.

  BY POST – we will send the contract directly to you by registered mail. Czech Post employees will verify your identity. Then send one of the signed contracts to us using the reply envelope that came with the contracts we had sent you.

DATA BOX (R4QDCBE) – If you had sent us a data message with a registration request, we will send you the contracts to be signed by a data box. You must be the owner of this data box. If you are a legal entity, and not one of the partners or executive directors, we will send the contracts back to you by post in order to comply with the condition of verifying the identity of the applicant.


c. return of the signed agreeement and account activation 

As soon as we receive the contracts signed by you, we will send you verification data by e‑mail for the first login to the portal. The registration process may seem complicated, but keep in mind that this primarily protects your personal information.


How do Credit Registers work?

In general, credit registers are databases composed of all types of clients – legal entities and individuals – citizens and entrepreneurs, who are in some way connected with the loan providers. Credit registers are designed to provide financial and non-financial institutions with the data on clients they need to provide credit and thus prevent the provision of credit to "non-performing" clients.

Registers also serve the clients themselves, especially in cases where the client has a strong payment history. Financial and non-financial institutions are then able to gain this information from the registry and accelerate the process of providing funds. In addition, clients are able to evaluate whether they can afford another loan or not due to the possibility of ordering a statement from the registers and checking their own credit history.

How is #Kolikmam365 activated?

The #Kolikmam365 service package is available online at kolikmam.cz. For this reason, it is necessary to first register at the portal. You can learn how to register for the portal HERE. You can also activate the package by registering in person, and without waiting, at the CRIF Client Center in Prague 4. Our operators will be happy to explain all of the details to you.

Payment methods at the kolikmam.cz portal

You can pay for services in the following ways at the kolikmam.cz portal:

• Debit or credit card through the GP WEB PAY payment gateway
• Fast bank transfer with Internet banking via the PayU payment gateway (activation of services and statements from registries)
• Cash on delivery (for statements from registries)
• Push payment (when extending the activation of services)


Platební brána GP WEB PAY

Tato platební brána nám umožňuje nejen platby kartami (podporované typy platebních nebo kreditních karet: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, DinnersClub), ale i push platby, které využíváme k prodloužení platnosti služeb K365 a NetAgent a především pro platby za datové schránky. Jedná se o automaticky generovaný platební link, který obdržíte emailem. 


Co se stane, když kliknu na platební link nebo načtu z obrázku QR kód?

Pokud se rozhodnete využít obdržený link pro úhradu výpisů zaslaných datovou schránkou či prodloužení platnosti služby, bude po kliknutí na tento link nebo po načtení QR kódu čtečkou váš prohlížeč přesměrován na platební bránu GP WEB PAY, kde můžete platbu pohodlně a bezpečně dokončit bez nutnosti předchozího přihlášení do klientské zóny kolikmam.cz. 


Platební brána Pay U

Pokud si zvolíte platbu přes rychlé platební tlačítko banky, přesměrujeme vás to do vnitřní internetové aplikace. Jednotlivá návodná videa pro jednotlivé banky jsou k dispozici níže.

Česká spořitelna
Československá obchodní banka
Komerční banka
PayU opakované platby

pozn. Nejedná se o běžný bankovní převod. Rychlý bankovní převod znamená, že vás brána přesměruje rovnou do vašeho internetového bankovnictví, kde naleznete předvyplněné platební údaje. Banka nám potvrzuje provedení úspěšné platby v okamžiku, kdy potvrzujete platební příkaz, tedy oproti standardnímu převodu nečekáme dva dny na připsání peněz na náš účet a díky tomu vám můžeme okamžitě zprávu i zpřístupnit. Z toho důvodu jsou vypsané jen banky, které tuto formu rychlých převodů přes bránu PAY U poskytují. 


Nemůže se stát, že zaplatím dvakrát?

Platební link i QR kód je platný, dokud nedojde k provedení platby kterýmkoli způsobem. Dokud jako držitel karty nezadáte údaje o kartě, můžete opakovaně na link kliknout resp. opakovaně načíst QR kód.