Who can request a credit report from the registres?

A natural person or a natural person engaged in business, who is of legal age and capable of performing legal acts. If the applicant does not meet any of these conditions, his application will not be accepted. To prove the identity of the applicant, we require a valid ID card or passport. A foreign natural person identifies himself with a passport or a permanent residence permit for the Czech Republic. A natural person may be represented when submitting a request for a service and related activities on the basis of an officially verified power of attorney (form). The representative is required to provide personal documents to the same extent, as they are required of the natural person who is represented. If the applicant is the legal representative of the client, it is necessary to submit a document.

A legal entity can also apply for a statement from the registries and be represented on the basis of an officially verified power of attorney (form). In this case, you will also need this authorization (power of attorney) that proves you can act on behalf of a legal entity, unless this information comes directly from a statement from the Commercial Register. If the legal entity is not registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic (www.justice.cz), the applicant is required to submit together with the application a statement of legal entity data from the relevant register or other records (original or a certified copy), which may not be older than 3 months; after processing the application, this statement will be returned to the applicant.

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