The easiest way to register and create an account. You gain access to the world of electronic services using the login credentials from your internet banking. You can access the services easily, securely, from anywhere, and for free.

Currently, we have the following banks for identification:

Online identification is only possible for clients who have set up their banking identity at a bank branch. This means that they have personally opened an account at a bank branch or later visited a branch to activate the BankID service. If you are unsure, we recommend checking with your internet banking or visiting a bank branch for information.

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499 CZK/year

Get a detailed overview of all your commitments in the CIBR and NBCIR registers, creditworthiness assessment, and receive alerts of changes. 


365 CZK/year

Monitor your personal and financial data online. This will help prevent the misuse of your data and identity theft.

An online account gives you quick access to all services

You will have online access to all listings and services after registering at the portal. Everything can be carried out easily from the comfort of your own home or office.