Payment methods on the kolikmam.cz portal

Debit or credit card via the GP WEB PAY payment gateway.
Fast bank transfer through online banking via the PayU payment gateway (for service activation and registry reports).
Cash on delivery (for registry reports).
Push payment (for service activation extension).

GP WEB PAY Payment Gateway:

This payment gateway allows us to process payments not only with cards (supported types: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, DinnersClub), but also push payments, which we use to extend the validity of #kolikmam365 and NetAgent services, especially for data box payments. It involves an automatically generated payment link that you will receive via email.

What happens when I click on the payment link or scan the QR code?

If you choose to use the received link to pay for reports sent via data box or to extend the service, after clicking on this link or scanning the QR code with your reader, your browser will be redirected to the GP WEB PAY payment gateway, where you can comfortably and securely complete the payment without the need to log in to the kolikmam.cz client zone.

PayU Payment Gateway:

If you choose to pay through the quick payment button of your bank, you will be redirected to the internal internet application. Instructional videos for individual banks are available below.

Please note: This is not a regular bank transfer. Fast bank transfer means that the gateway redirects you directly to your online banking, where you will find pre-filled payment details. The bank confirms the successful payment as soon as you confirm the payment order. Unlike a standard transfer, we don't have to wait two days for the money to be credited to our account, allowing us to provide you with the report immediately. For this reason, only banks that provide this form of fast transfers through the PAY U gateway are listed.

Can it happen that I pay twice?

The payment link and QR code are valid until the payment is made in any way. Until you, as the cardholder, enter your card details, you can click on the link repeatedly or scan the QR code repeatedly.


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