Personal data processing


Personal data processing


GDPR regulates in more detail the mandatory information provided by data controllers and processors to data subjects and their rights. Before processing your data, it is your right to obtain information on whether and for what purpose and to what extent your personal data is processed, and to whom it is made available in BRKI, NRKI, REPI and ELIXIR registers. The basic information about the personal data processing may be found in the Information Memoranda of each registry, which also contain information about your other rights and possibilities of their exercise.

Information on personal data held about you in the registers can be obtained in the form of a copy of the processed personal data through the Client Center operated by CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau, a.s. Submission of an application for a copy of the processed data is governed by the same rules as submission of an application for a standard extract from the registers and is described HERE. It is necessary to fill in all required identification data in the application form in order to uniquely identify the applicant. A copy of the processed personal data will be issued to you free of charge within 30 days of submitting the application. If we send these Copies of processed data by post or data box, the applicant pays the costs associated with delivery (postage 98 CZK, data box standard 5 CZK).

In the event that the applications submitted are manifestly unfounded or disproportionate, in particular because they are repeated, a fee corresponding to the administrative costs will be charged.

Your right, as well as the interest of controllers of personal data processed in the registries as well as registries themselves, is the accuracy of the processed personal data. Therefore, if you find any discrepancies, you have the right to request rectifying the processed personal data and the related right to a limited processing of incorrect or outdated data until the rectification is made. Your other rights, such as the right to object, the right to erasure the personal data or the right to file a complaint, are described in more detail in the Information Memoranda mentioned above. The submission of an application for the exercise of the other rights mentioned is governed by the same rules as the application for a copy of the processed personal data.

Each registry has designated privacy officers in accordance with GDPR, who you can contact if your request has not been satisfactorily processed in the Client Centre. You may contact the officer at the following addresses: for BRKI –, for NRKI –, for REPI and for ELIXIR –