What is a REPI Report?

The REPI register, established as the third in line, is the younger sibling of the BRKI and NRKI registers. It was founded by the company CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau and is officially named CRIF – Registry of Payment Information. Its main purpose is to gather companies that provide their clients with some form of service based on installments. This could be a loan, installment purchases, or invoiced purchases with deferred payment.

The register is intended for credit providers, e‑shops, property rental companies, providers of telecommunication or data services, and cable television providers. You can find a list of registry members who share information among themselves HERE.

The REPI register contains both negative and positive information. Negative indicates that a client does not pay their obligations for services or loan installments on time, while positive contains information that the client pays their obligations on time and in full. Registry members are companies that wish to verify a client's payment history before providing them with an installment service. However, payment history is not the sole criterion. Current income and expenses of the client in relation to the requested loan/credit amount are also assessed. A good payment history can be a significant factor.

If you only need brief information, some data from the REPI register is included in the MyCredit. 

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