What is #Kolikmam365?

A package that combines services offered at the kolikmam.cz portal, which mainly saves you time and money. By default, it contains 2 joint statements from the registries (now in connection with the state-declared moratorium until the end of 2020–4 statements instead of 2 in the package price) and a monitoring service on data kept in CIBR and NBCIR. It provides you with a personal assessment, which allows you to find out how you are perceived by the financial institutions with which you are applying for a loan.

Each time you log in to the kolikmam.cz portal, a query is made to the registries and the data is always up to date. In addition to your personal assessment, you can compare your situation to the average at your age and in your region. The #Kolikmam365 package is available after registering on the kolikmam.cz portal. It is necessary to go through the registration process, as sensitive personal data will be accessed and we need to verify your identity.

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499 CZK / year
  • Personal rating
  • Quarterly joint statement from the registries 
  • Monitoring of data in registries
  • Actual overview of commitments


An online account gives you quick access to all services

You will have online access to all listings and services after registering at the portal. Everything can be carried out easily from the comfort of your own home or office.