What is the difference between MyCredit and the Joint report CIBR/NBCIR?

MyCredit contains only select data from the CIBR/NBCIR and REPI registers. If you require a detailed overview of all contracts, including their repayment information, it's necessary to request a Joint Statement from the registers. This includes details of all contracts, including historical ones, credit ratings along with a comparison to debtors from the same region, and a comparison against your age group. The Joint Statement from CIBR/NBCIR is a valuable tool for building a positive credit history. We recommend checking it four times a year. This helps prevent potential issues with identity theft. Having an overview means the ability to make informed decisions. At the same time, you'll find out whether you 'have what it takes' to take on more debt.

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Joint report CIBR+NBCIR

200 CZK/report

Increase your chance of getting a mortgage or loan by checking your information in the registers and finding out your rating. 


100 CZK/report

Prove your credibility to employers or property landlords with a short summary report on a single sheet.

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