Distrains is an overview of information about specific distrain proceedings. You will find out whether a distrain has been ordered against the queried natural person, self-employed person, or legal entity, which judicial executor has been entrusted with carrying out the execution, and what obligation is being pursued for collection. The data in the extract is generated based on an official inquiry into the Central Execution Registry

40 CZK/first query on existence of person in database

Ways you can get Distrains 

Details and options

40 CZK report

0 CZK processing

0 CZK delivery

You can obtain distrains from us online. Payment is made by card. For querying the existence of a person in the Central Register of Distrains, you will be charged 40 CZK. For subsequent detailed inquiry into a distrain, the fee is 25 CZK

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Details and options

40 CZK report

150 CZK processing

0 CZK delivery

You can also obtain distrains at our Client Center. Payment can be made in cash or by card. The first inquiry will cost 40 CZK, and subsequent inquiries for detailed information will be charged at 25 CZK each.

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How does one inquire into the Central Distrains Registry?

Inquiring into the Central Distrains Registry involves two steps:

  1. First Inquiry:
    Initially, a query verifies whether the person is in the database. You can inquire about natural persons, self-employed natural persons and legal entities. The first inquiry for an individual/company costs 40 CZK. The payment is charged for the query, meaning you pay it even if the sought-after person is not found in the database. If they are found, the output is an overview of individual executions.
  2. Execution Details:
    If you are interested in the details of a specific distrain from the overview, you will pay 25 CZK for a detailed inquiry.


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Distrains – Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to Distrains. More detailed information can be found in our FAQ section.

The Central Register of Distrains records the following information

Judicial executors enter information into the Central Register of Distrains as stated in the notification of the initiation of distrain after the notation of distrain performance is recorded in the register of initiated distrains, and details from legally binding resolutions on the order of distrain (for proceedings initiated until December 31, 2012), or from legally binding resolutions on the suspension and postponement of distrain, and other information determined by legal regulations. The entry of information from the notification of the initiation of distrain is done within 3 days after recording the notation of distrain performance, and from the resolutions on the postponement or suspension of distrain, within 3 days of the legal force of these decisions.

What is the Central Register of Distrains?

The Central Register of Distrains is a public list that is maintained, operated, and managed by the Chamber of Executors of the Czech Republic in accordance with Section 125 of Act No. 120/2001 Coll., on Judicial Executors and Enforcement Proceedings (Enforcement Code), as amended. The procedure for recording data in the Central Register of Executions, as well as its management, operation, and maintenance, is regulated by Decree No. 329/2008 Coll. of the Ministry of Justice on the Central Register of Executions, as amended.

How do I obtain Distrain?

You can request Distrain in person at our Client Center or through our e‑shop. There is no need to verify the identity of the applicant for queries into the Central Register of Enforcement Proceedings. After selecting the subject of interest – a natural person, a self-employed natural person, or a legal entity.

Deletion of Data from the Central Execution Registry

The data regarding distrains is deleted from the CEE without undue delay after 15 days from the conclusion of the execution proceedings, or after the enforcement officer is informed of its conclusion. Execution proceedings may conclude upon the recovery of the obligation, by the legally binding suspension of the execution, etc.

What is a distrains report?

You can obtain a distrain statement online through the kolikmam.cz portal after registration or in person at the CRIF Client Center immediately. You can inquire with the Central Registry of Enforcement Proceedings (CEE) of the Czech Republic for a natural person, a natural person doing business or a legal entity. The CEE is a public list maintained, operated, and managed by the Chamber of Executors of the Czech Republic, pursuant to the statutory authorization provided in Section 125 of Act No. 120/2001 Coll.

The CEE allows you to obtain indicative information about specific enforcement proceedings, ascertain whether a specific subject has been subjected to enforcement according to the Enforcement Code, which judicial executor has been entrusted with the execution, what outstanding obligation is being enforced, when the enforcement was ordered, and whether it has been lawfully postponed or terminated.

What is the Central Distrains Registry?

The Central Distrain Registry, abbreviated as CEE, is a database that collects and stores information about ongoing and concluded distrain proceedings. Its main purposes include TRANSPARENCY, PREVENTION OF INDEBTEDNESS, and PROTECTION OF THE RIGHTS OF DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. The data includes Personal information of the debtor, information about the creditor, and details about the distrain – its reasons, the amount of the claim, current status, and the progress of the proceedings.