Watch over your financial obligations with us provides you with a comprehensive overview of your financial obligations and an evaluation of your creditworthiness that looks into the past.

Immediately after registration with the portal, you are given access to reports from the registries, distrains, monitoring of personal data on the Internet and even a #kolikmam365 package of comprehensive care for financial health.

Reports from registers

With us you can buy your Reports from registers online, easily and without waiting. You can verify your identity through Bank Identity.

Reports from CIBR/NBCIR

from 100 CZK / report
  • a list of all current and past liabilities to banks and non-banks in the CIBR and NBCIR credit registers
  • contains personal data, detailed ratings, overview of contracts, terminated contracts and applications

  • a full credit report that can be used when applying for a mortgage or other loan


from 100 CZK / report
  • a short extract on one sheet, containing basic data from CIBR and NBCIR, REPI, Insolvency Register and Central evidence of Distrains
  • supplements the standard extract from the registers with information from other public sources

  • can be used to prove credibility to employers or landlords

REPI report

from 100 CZK / report
  • the REPI report includes liabilities with energy companies, companies offering deferred payments and non-banking companies
  • supplements the information from other sectors to the standard credit report from registers

  • in combination with the common register extract, offers a comprehensive overview of the applicant's financial obligations

Packages and add-on services

In addition to statements from registers, we offer the #kolikmam365 service package and other services that you can use to take care of your financial health.


499 CZK / year
  • web application which monitors information in CIBR and NBCIR registers
  • free Joint report from CIBR/NBCIR available 4 times a year, includes a unique personal rating
  • use if you need to monitor your liabilities regularly, the recommended frequency is quarterly


from 40 CZK / query + 25 CZK detail
  • summary of distrains recorded in the Central Register of Distrains
  • serves to verify natural and legal persons
  • the enquiry takes place in two steps
  • use it if you need to check whether a person or company is not subject to distrain


365 CZK / year
  • a service that monitors personal and financial data in the internet
  • alerts you to suspicious handling of your personal and financial data 
  • helps to prevent the misuse of personal and financial data in the online environment

About portal

What we have and for whom services are intended for natural persons and natural persons engaged in business. Registered users have online access to statements and can obtain additional services.

Statement is immediately available

Enjoy convenient 24-hour access to statements from the CIBR and NBCIR, as well as other services, from the comfort of your own home or office. Due to the access of sensitive personal data, initial registration at the portal is required.

Pricing benefits

When using the online version, registered users have access to all statements from the registries at a discounted price. Detailed information on pricing can be found in the price list.

Positive data helps build your credibility

The CIBR and NBCIR credit registries not only collect negative data (concerning non-payment), but also positive data (proper and on time repayments). Positive data helps build your credibility, which means you can get better terms when applying for a loan.


Client Center

All services found at can also be provided in person at the Client Center. Our operators will be happy to explain the necessary requirements and many benefits. Before contacting us by phone, see if you can find the answers to your questions in the FAQ section.

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