Why to register with us?

An online account provides you with quick access to all services and additional benefits.

  • Expedited purchases without the need for repeated identity verification
  • Personal account management
  • Order history – access to all orders and statements for the past 6 months
  • Available supplementary services #howmuchdoIhave365, NetAgent, and Distrains

You can conveniently access your records in the registers through the website kolikmam.cz, but you must be a registered user. Registration is mandatory because the records contain sensitive personal information, so it is necessary to verify the applicant's identity.

You can register in the following ways:


The easiest way to register and create an account. You gain access to the world of electronic services using the login credentials from your internet banking. You can access the services easily, securely, from anywhere, and for free.

Currently, we have the following banks for identification:

Online identification is only possible for clients who have set up their banking identity at a bank branch. This means that they have personally opened an account at a bank branch or later visited a branch to activate the BankID service. If you are unsure, we recommend checking with your internet banking or visiting a bank branch for information.

You can register through the registration form and postal services.


  1. Filling out the registration form

    First, it is necessary to fill out the registration form. If you are a foreign national, you need to submit the application with an officially certified signature.

  2. Signing the contract

    Based on the completed application, we will send you a contract for signature. We can send the contract to you by mail or through a data box.

    By mail
    We will send the shipment recommended for personal delivery. Your identity will be verified by Czech Post employees. Please send us one copy of the contract back in the provided reply envelope, which is part of the postal shipment containing the contracts.
    Through a data box (R4QDCBE)
    If you send us the registration form through a data box, we will send you the contracts back through a data box.
  3. Account activation

    Once we receive the signed contracts from you, we will activate your account and send you the login details via email for the first login to the portal. Please note that only natural persons can register for the portal.

    The registration process may seem complicated, but please keep in mind that this is primarily to protect your personal information.

About kolikmam.cz portal

What we have and for whom

The services of kolikmam.cz are intended for individuals and self-employed individuals. Registered users have online access to extracts and can acquire additional supplementary services.

Immediate access to your report

Convenient access to extracts from the BRKI and NRKI registers, as well as other services, anytime, from the comfort of your home or office. Due to the sensitive nature of personal information, registration on the portal is required at the outset.

Price advantage

All reports and services are purchased at the lowest stated price. #kolikmam365 offers discounted purchases of reports from CIBR and NBCIR, four times a year included in the price.

Identification only during account setup

When you register, you'll go through identity verification using BankID only once during a purchase in the e‑shop. Subsequently, you can make purchases in the application without further verification.

Positive data helps build your credibility

Credit registries CIBR and NBCIR not only collect negative data about non-payment, but also positive data about regular and timely payments. Positive data supports the building of your credibility, potentially enabling you to get better terms when applying for a loan.